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We would like to know more about City of Sacramento Residents. All information is confidential and will help improve Our Community CarShare Program

In addition to Zipcar's standard terms and conditions, acceptance into the Our Community CarShare (OCCS) Program is dependent upon your agreement, whereas you, the participant, (colloquially known as “member") agree with the following conditions when enrolled into OCCS  using vehicles funded by this program.
  1. Members agree to follow all program rules and policies for Our Community CarShare.
  2. Only the person who reserves a program vehicle can drive during the reservation.
  3. The reserved vehicles must be returned to the same location that the reservation started.
  4. Reservations will be limited to a maximum of 3 hours per calendar day, and up to a maximum of 9 hours per week.
  5. If using a vehicle through Zipcar, the vehicle’s keys should always remain in the vehicle and your Zipcard should be used to lock/unlock your Zipcar vehicle each time you leave/enter the vehicle.
  6. For any Zipcar vehicle you reserve, you are responsible for checking the vehicle's driving range at the start of each trip. Running a vehicle out of fuel/charge will result in expensive towing fees that may result in the loss of your membership. If the range of the car is not far enough to meet your needs, call the Zipcar helpline at 1-866-494-7227 to ask to be moved to an alternate vehicle.
  7. When completing a reservation with a Zipcar vehicle, properly plug the charger into the charging port in the vehicle at the end of the trip.
  8. If you apply for Zipcar membership, some of the information you supply may be shared with regulatory bodies and/or service providers it utilizes to obtain your driving record or other personal information.  In addition, since you will be associated with OCCS, Zipcar may provide OCCS or any of its related service providers your personal information associated with your Zipcar account, such as contact information or specific reservation details.  All other terms of Zipcar membership, as set forth by Zipcar, will also apply.
  9. If you are found to have engaged in any suspicious, fraudulent, or inappropriate activities during your reservation, staff of OCCS or any of its related service providers reserves the right to permanently suspend you from the OCCS program.
  10. In the event that a member is involved in an incident such as an accident during the reservation,  vehicle running out of range, breakdowns, damage to vehicle equipment, defects, malfunction, no matter how big or small it may seem, member is encouraged to alert staff.  If you need assistance with a Zipcar, call the Zipcar helpline at 1-866-494-7227.  In emergencies, call 9-1-1.
  11. Your membership may be revoked if you fail to report vehicle damages to Zipcar’s helpline at 1-866-494-7227 or through the Zipcar App prior to starting the vehicle.
  12. Members agree to keep the cars clean, including no smoking, vaping, or eating. Leave no trace by taking any and all belongings and trash with you, and to report any stains larger than a silver dollar. Members may be suspended or terminated for any such offenses. Members are prohibited from having any animals in the vehicles due to the fact that others may have allergies.
  13. Vehicles used in this program will be tracked via GPS and other data collection methods. The data will be used anonymously and distributed to third parties for educational purposes.
  14. Membership requires periodic short surveys be completed about their usage and how their trips went.
  15. As a driver or rider, you give consent and authorization for staff and media sources to use any and all photographs, video or other digital media taken at OCCS events, including print or web-based publications. OCCS may copy, edit, enhance, crop, or otherwise alter a photo for use in publications. Member also waives any rights for approval or inspection of photographs, video, digital or printed media used for publications.
  16. Due to COVID-19 still being present in the community, personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks or face-shields, must be worn during your trip. Hand sanitizer should be used before operating the vehicle and after completing the trip. Recommended that member may keep car windows rolled down to prevent bacteria from circulating inside the vehicle. It is advised and recommended that you carry disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces that are touched most frequently.
  17. OCCS vehicles are regularly used by other registered members of the program. You expressly agree that the decision to use vehicles is made at your own discretion and you fully understand the risk, if any, pertaining to public health and yours inherently.
  18. In addition to email communication, members of the OCCS Program agree to be automatically enrolled in text message communication for updates, events, reminders, and news. Members also agree to opt-in by texting the keyword “CarShare” to (916) 237-9400. Standard messaging & data rates may apply depending on your carrier.
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Only answer if applicable. Keep in mind all the reasons you may use a vehicle, not just work (for example, travel for visiting freinds or family, medical appointments, groceries, or other errands).
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