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We would like to know more about City of Sacramento Residents. All information is confidential and will help improve Our Community CarShare Program

In addition to Zipcar's standard terms and conditions, acceptance into the Our Community CarShare (OCCS) Program is dependent upon your agreement, whereas you, the participant, (colloquially known as “member") agree with the following conditions when enrolled into OCCS  using vehicles funded by this program.
  1. Vehicles in this program will be tracked via GPS and other data collection methods. The data will then be anonymized and distributed to third parties for educational purposes.
  2. Participants in this program will be required to complete short monthly surveys about their usage of vehicles in this program.
  3. Reservations will be limited to a maximum of 3 hours per calendar day, and a maximum of 9 hours in a week.
  4. Only the person who reserves a car can drive the car during the reservation. 
  5. The reserved car must be returned to the same location where the reservation started.
  6. The vehicle's keys should always remain in the vehicle and your Zipcard should be used to lock and unlock your Zipcar each time you leave the vehicle.
  7. Your membership may be revoked if you for fail to report vehicle damages to Zipcar's helpline at 1-866-494-7227 prior to starting the vehicle.
  8. You are responsible for checking the vehicle's driving range at the start of each trip. Running a vehicle out of fuel will result in expensive towing fees that may result in the loss of your membership.
  9. Vehicles in this program have limited driving ranges and cannot be refueled at traditional gas stations, so it is important to check the driving range of your reserved vehicle at the start of each trip. If the range of the car is not far enough to meet your needs, call the Zipcar helpline at 1-866-494-7227 to ask to be moved to an alternate vehicle.
  10. You must properly plug the vehicle into its designated charging unit at the end of each trip.
  11. By signing this agreement, you, the member, consent to and authorize OCCS to use the members likeness in any and all photographs, video or other digital media for use in OCCS publications including print or web-based publications. 
  12. Member consents to OCCS staff to copy, edit, enhance, crop, or otherwise alter an photo for use in OCCS publications. Member also waives any rights for approval or inspection of photograph, video, digital or printed media used for Our Community CarShare publications. 
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Only answer if applicable. Keep in mind all the reasons you may use a vehicle, not just work (for example, travel for visiting freinds or family, medical appointments, groceries, or other errands).
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